It starts with two investigator interviewing former detectives Matthew McConaughey & Woody Harrelson about a 1995 serial killer case, that is eerily similar to the murder they’re investigating.  The show uses multiple timelines as a now heavy-drinking, Matthew McConaughey, & private investigator, Woody Harrelson, rehash the details of the two decade old murder investigation. The show spans across seventeen years from the beginning of the 1995 case to the 2012 interview and …….. sorry, that's all I’m giving you :)

     In this show Matthew McConaughey reminds you he’s still the most versatile actor of our time. As he can seamlessly go between being an analytical introspective detective to what I describe as a tormented “Pot-Head Philosopher”.  Making his character the most complex and depressing on television. But don’t underestimate Woody Harrelson he holds his own as I no non-sense detective, not afraid to call McConaughey’s character on his crazy-ass views on people and the world around us.  Though Harrelson’s character is quick to anger and morally repulsive, Woody makes him likable. So if you want to see the best crime duo in television, with amazing acting, and a thought provoking storyline. This show won’t disappoint, be warned don’t watch at night, alone. :0.  Unfortunately, season two will have two different actors, so no more McConaughey & Harrelson :(

True Detective (HBO) - Season 1

Friday, July 4, 2014

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