Scroll Down and Highlight

Scroll Down to "Customize Button Assignments" and Press "X"

"Enable Custom Button Assignments" by Pressing "X"

Scroll Down to "Button Assignment" and Press "X"

     PS4 Quick Joystick Swap Allow Games that Periodically Need the Use of the Secondary Joystick to be Playable for Single-Joystick Users, for things like maps, driving vehicles, and/or navigating inventory wheel. This is Because Playstation Provides a Fast Way to Swap Between Joysticks through it's In-Game "Quick Menu". Unfortunately, Games that Require the Simultaneous Use of Both Joysticks or are Being Played on the Xbox One are Still Unplayable for Single-Joystick Users.

Playstation 4 Quick Joystick Swap

The Playstation 4 Quick Joystick Swap Can Only Be Used In-Game Thru the "Quick

Menu" Once the Custom Button Assignments Have Been Set to Swap Joysticks

Scroll Up to "Settings" and Press "X"

Scroll Down to "Accessibility" and Press "X"

and Press "X"


Scroll Down and Highlight

and Press "X"

Now with

, Go to "Confirm" and Press "X"



The Left Joystick

has been Swapped with the Right Joystick

now Joystick Swap can be Enabled/Disabled thru the "Quick Menu"

Setting Custom Button Assignments to Swap Joysticks

Accessing the PS4 "Quick Menu" for Joystick Swap

Hold Down "PS4 Button" until "Quick Menu" Appears ("Menu" on Versatility Controller V3 and "Home" on V4*), Scroll Down to "Accessibility" and Press "X"

*"Home" on Versatility Controller V4 doesn't have its own Switch Input, so you'll

need to reprogram one of the free inputs. I'd recommend the "Start" input.

Scroll to "Enable Custom Button Assignments" and Pressing "X"

With "Enable Custom Button Assignments" Checked

the Left Joystick will act

as the Right Joystick and Vice Versa.  Unchecked

the Joysticks will act as Normal

Press the "PS4 Button"("Menu" on V3 and "Home/Start" on V4) to Exit "Quick

Menu" and Return to Game

After the first use of the "Quick Menu" during the Game. Holding Down the "PS4

Button" ("Menu" on the V3 and "Home/Start" on the V4) will go straight to the

"Enable Custom Button Assignments". Allowing for an Even Faster Joystick Swap

Hold "PS4 Button"

Press "PS4 Button"

Press "X"


Set-Up Joystick Swapping

Use Joystick Swapping

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