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From the critical acclaimed studio, Naughty Dog, who gave us Uncharted now brings, the best zombie survival game ever and Winner of the 2013 Game of Year, The Last of Us, to the PS4 in this Remasterd Edition                          

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Extensive Control Settings like Joystick Swap

Lower Difficulty In-Game

Aim-Assist Available on Easy


Need to Physically Shake Control to Recharge Flashlight (So Use Sparingly, but Recharges Itself when You Die or Restart Level


     Yet again, Naughty Dog, makers of Uncharted has brought us another great cinematic experience in the zombie survival game, The Last of Us: Remastered.  Which is a graphically updated PS4 edition of the 2013 Game of the Year which was originally for the PS3.  It takes place twenty years after an outbreak of a zombie infection that has ravaged the world. You play as Joel, a disillusioned smuggler, who is tasked with taking a young teenage girl, who’s immuned to the infection, across the country to a medical research facility.  On the way they will encounter many obstacles and life changing decisions that will bring them closer.  For you zombie fans it so well written and emotional that you feel you're playing an episode of "The Walking Dead".  

     As for accessibility, it has extensive game control settings, the ability to switch difficulty mid-game, and has aim-assist when set to easy.  The one issue is that the PS4 controller needs to be physically shook to recharge your flashlight, fortunately the flashlight never fully goes out, it just dims and starts to blink.  The only solution is that when dying the flashlight automatically recharges. The silver-lining is that saving points are frequent enough that when you let yourself die to recharge the flashlight you usually can make it through the dark before the light starts dimming.


Due to PS4's Controller with Touch Pad technology, your CronusMax Plus Cross-Over Adapter must be loaded with the PS4 Crossover Essentials Gamepack which allows Switch-Based Interfaces, without touch pad support, to work on PS4.

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