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Sniper Elite III

Xbox One

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Sniper Elite III's open levels and objectives pack in enough variety and stealthy tension to counterbalance its thin story and shaky AI, but skeleton-shattering, long-distance sniper kills are its riveting centerpiece          

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Versatility Controller V4

Versatility Controller V3

Game Function Inputs Needed

least number of inputs needed to keep a game playable

Single Joystick Users - Inputs Needed

Dual Joystick Users - Inputs Needed


Accessibility Pros

Accessibility Issues

Allow for Game Difficulty Changes between Missions


There's Aim Assist but was Either Very Ineffective or Just Didn't Work at All

Only Control Setting is Joystick Sensitivity


Sniper Elite III is a Third-Person Game that plays like a First-Person Shooter. But, unlike most shooters which consists of massive fire-fights, Sniper Elite III emphasizes stealth with either upclose kills with your silencer or long-ranger sniper kills, under the cover of noise, as not to give away your position, but if you do your sub-machine can get you out of a jam. But you'll also need mines and dynamite to destroy heavy artillery and tanks. Sniper Elite has no more control settings than the average game, with limited customization and a nonfunctioning aim asist. However this doesn't effect the overall acessibility of the game due to the fact it has a very basic combat system.


Single Joystick Style

Innovative Solutions

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Mobility Impaired