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With Resident Evil 5 HD, Capcom has broken away from its survival horror root. The creepy suspense of earlier games has been replaced with an action-packed intensity that will appeal to some gamers and disappoint others.                           

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Single-Joystick Users will need Secondary Joystick for Drive


    Resident Evil 5 is a third-person shooter with the control scheme of a first-person shooter. With this Resident Evil, Capcom has broken away from many of the survival horror conventions it pioneered. The creepy suspense of the earlier games has been replaced with an action-packed shooter that will instantly appeal to gamers new to the franchise but disappoint most die-hard fans of the series. This game takes place five years after the events of Resident Evil 4. Chris Redfield and his new partner Sheva Alomar are dispatched to Kijuju in Africa were they're tasked with apprehending Ricardo Irving before he can sell a bio-organic weapon on the black market.

     As for accessibility, Resident Evil 5, has No Aim-Assist, has Limited Game Control Settings and Doesn't Allow Changing of Difficulty After the Game Begins. So Set Difficulty to Easy, because Normal is too Challenging without an aim-assist (Trust Me, I spent an hour of dying without getting past one zombie horde before starting over on easy).

     The Secondary Joystick is Needed to Drive, so Playstation 4 is Recommended for Single-Joystick Users with its PS4 Quick Joystick Swap which is a fast way to swap between left and right joysticks. (By holding down the Home/Menu switch you’ll bring up the Playstation’s Quick Menu which allows for quick swapping of joysticks by Enabling or Disabling Custom Button Assignments, assuming the Customize Button Assignments have been set to swap.) The game is still playable on Xbox One by the addition of two switches, the left and right functions of the secondary joystick for driving.

     Resident Evil 5 requires all control functions for gameplay, but this is okay because the game uses less functions then a typical shooter. One annoying issue, though, is the game’s combat system which requires two actions to use a weapon. For instance, in a typical shooter you can fire a gun or swing a melee weapon in a single action. But in this Resident Evil, you first have to select and hold the function that either pulls out your machete (L2/LB) or raises your gun to aim (L1/LT), then another function to swing or fire your weapon (R1/RT), which for some reason causes your character to stop moving. All this requires extremely fast reflexes, to be able to stop, aim, fire, and have enough time to escape the mutant mob. This makes those with disabilities, who may have slower reflexes, like me, a sitting duck at close and middle range combat with anything other than the shotgun, so invest in shotgun upgrades. But after you get use to combat, Resident Evil 5 is pretty entertaining and not too expensive.


Due to PS4's Controller with Touch Pad technology, your CronusMax Plus Cross-Over Adapter must be loaded with the PS4 Crossover Essentials Gamepack which allows Switch-Based Interfaces, without touch pad support, to work on PS4.

Special Features

Joysticks can now be Swapped Quickly In-Game with my PS4 Quick Joystick Swap.  Allowing Certain Dual-Joystick Games to be Playable, only on the Playstation 4, for Single Joystick Users.


An Over-Complicated Combat System Requiring Two Functions to Swing Your Machete or Fire a Weapon


No Aim-Asist


Limited Control Settings


Can't Lower Difficulty after Game Starts


Playstation 4