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Despite dents in the armor, For Honor has one of the most complete and satisfying melee combat systems I've ever experienced. Unfortunately the game is almost strictly multi-player with only a very short and uninspired 9 hour single-player campaign.          

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     For Honor has the most complete melee combat system ever seen. With directional blocking and attacking, where as you can change guard from left, right, or top to block incoming attacks, while reading your opponent's guard and attacking from a direction were they are vulnerable.  Once mastered, the combat control scheme, makes for the most satisfying and realistic sword fighting game ever. Unfortunately the game is almost strictly made for multi-play. Where as the short single-player campaign only serves to introduce the three factions; knights, vikings, and samurai, and the different fighting style's of their four heroes. So that when entering multi-player you’ll be able to choose the right fighter, who'll evolve stronger the more you play, win, and capture territories.

     As for accessibility, it has limited in-game control settings but does allow for the ability to switch difficulty mid-game. Unfortunately for single joystick users, some of directional function of the second joystick are needed to control blocking and attacking, so three switches are required for left, right, and up. For those, like me, who prefer a primarily single-player game I’d wait till the price drops substantially before buying due to the very short and uninspired nine hour single-player campaign. But for multi-player fan’s, For Honor, is a must have.


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Single Joystick Users will Need Most of the Other Joystick's Functions to Control Blocking & Attacking Direction

Unique Combat Control Scheme which Takes Time to Learn  


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