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Assassin's Creed Origins is an expansive RPG-style dive into ancient Egypt, with tense combat, tons of variety. And an amazing origin story of the assassins and it's creed to kill evil while always being in the shadows.

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Single Joystick Users - Inputs Needed

Dual Joystick Users - Inputs Needed






Lower Difficulty In-Game


Single Joystick Users will Need Other Joystick's Functions to Navigate Map, Upgrade Skills, Fly Senu, your trustly Scout Eagle, and Sailing


Due to PS4's Controller with Touch Pad technology, your CronusMax Plus Cross-Over Adapter must be loaded with the PS4 Crossover Essentials Gamepack which allows Switch-Based Interfaces, without touch pad support, to work on PS4.

Special Features

Joysticks can now be Swapped Quickly In-Game with my PS4 Quick Joystick Swap.  Allowing Certain Dual-Joystick Games to be Playable, only on the Playstation 4, for Single Joystick Users.


Playstation 4

Innovative Solutions

for the

Mobility Impaired

Allows for Aim-Asist


     Assassin's Creed Origins is a single-player first-person action-adventure stealth game played from a third-person perspective. The game takes place in Ancient Egypt were you play as Bayek the Medjay and his wife, Aya as they work to protect the egyptian people during a time of widespread upheaval from the in-fighting between Pharaoh, his sister, Cleopatra, and from the outside forces of Julius Caesar. For much of the game Bayek seeks revenge for the murder of this son by five masked man. While his wife, Aya works for Cleopatra to overthrow Pharaoh hoping to make Egypt a safer place for the people. Bayek's role as a Medjay brings him and Aya into contact with the secretive forces manipulating these events and into becoming the first Assassins

     Assassin's Creed Origins allows you to Lower Game Difficulty In-Game and use Aim-Assist. Making it very accessible for Dual-Joystick Users. Due to the need for the Secondary Joystick to Navigate the Map, Upgrade Skills, Fly Senu, your trustly Scout Eagle, and for Sailing, it is Unplayable on the Xbox One for Single-Joystick Users But Still Playable on the Playstation 4, through my PS4 Quick Joystick Swap which is a fast way to swap between left and right joysticks. (By holding down the Home/Menu switch you’ll bring up the Playstation’s Quick Menu which allows for quick swapping of joysticks by Enabling or Disabling Custom Button Assignments.)

     There is one controller function that is not vital to gameplay, Left-Joystick Button Press. The Left-Joystick Button Press brings up the mission objectives which is visible while playing anyway so it must toggle it off/on.

     The first skill recommended to unlocking is Regeneration, which allows you to regain health in combat. Then unlock Adrenaline 2 as soon as possible to ensure that you always begin combat encounters with a full adrenaline bar allowing for a powerful weapon strike. Also unlocking XP Skills will help you Level Up faster, which also gives you skill points to unlock more abilities. Don’t forget Side Missions and Defeating Enemy Camps or Hideouts are also excellent ways to get XP.  After that invest in Skills that suit your playing style. The Warrior Tree focuses on combat abilities in direct confrontation. The Hunter Tree focuses on abilities that help with stealth, avoiding and assassinating enemies, and more effectively wield a bow. The Seer Tree focuses on holistic skills, such as communing with nature, negotiating trade deals or crafting items like fire and smoke bombs and sleeping darts.