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ReCore is a new-looking game with a charming, much older feeling soul. It’s less interested in telling a cohesive story than it is in throwing elaborate, well-designed platform challenges and combat scenarios at you.                              

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Complex Combat - Consisting of 4 Fire Modes; White, Red, Blue & Yellow (Selected thru the D-Pad), which "Most Be Used" Against that Corresponding Enemy Type.

Becomes Frustratingly Hard towards the End of the Game


ReCore is a mix between a modern open-world sandbox and an old-fashion platformer. The platform elements are amazing, beautiful, and just hard enough to be fun but these were few and far between. While the open-world is just to large, that you spend most of the time going from place to place thru a sparsely inhabited desert. Towards the end, your forward progress is constantly impeded by the need to complete side-missions in order to earn Prismatic Orbs, which serve as keys, just to keep the game moving. While the bosses become frustratingly harder as you go along. And don't get me started on the combat system which consists of having to constantly switch between the color coded firing modes that only work against enemies of the same color, which seemed unnecessary. While I enjoyed the beginning with its platforming, eventually the issues above become so tedious I actually gave up. I've never quit a game in which I almost completed but it just became to frustrating and boring that even the reward of a good ending couldn't keep me going.


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