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Far Cry Primal

Xbox One

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Far Cry Primal’s 10,000 BCE Stone Age setting takes us back into human prehistory, as a hunter called Takkar, were the only weapons are clubs, spears, and bows. Plus your  mystical power to control animal

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Versatility Controller V4

Versatility Controller V3

Game Function Inputs Needed

least number of inputs needed to keep a game playable

Single Joystick Users - Inputs Needed

Dual Joystick Users - Inputs Needed


When you first start playing you'll be in awe by the beauty of the prehistoric land and Ubisoft's innovative take on a first-person shooter were your only long-range weapon is a bow and the rest are clubs, spears, and axes which are your primary weapons. But, the coolest ablity is your mystical power to take control of animals, so in essence you get to play as diffent animals. Unfortunately it soon becomes clear this game is not accessible. This game requires all the functions of the standard controller. Making it pretty much unplayable as a single joystick user because all the functions of the second joystick are needed to control your scout owl and when as an animal. Unless you have or are able to use at least 19 switches which is very unlikely even for the most advanced switch-based, single joystick users like me who at most have used 16 switches for a game.

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Single Joystick Users will still Need All of the Other Joystick's Functions to Control your Beasts

All the Functions of the Controller are Needed (16 to 20 Depending on Joystick Setup


Single Joystick Style

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