Accessibility switches are the simplest, most reliable, and cheapest way to control specific actions of a produce that are plugged directly into switch adapted technology, which can be easily activated with minimal movement and strength.

RJ Cooper & Associates, Inc.

maker of switch adapted technology

Best Accessibility Switches

Micro Light Switch

by AbleNet

Easiest to Activate requires a feather light touch (0.4 ounce)

Great Audible and Tactile feedback

the Most Expensive at $85

Best Overall Switch

Most Economic Switch

Ultra Light Switch

by Atec

Small, Low-Profile that requires little pressure (1 ounce) with great tactile feedback

Least Expensive at $20.95

Most Durable Switch

Mini-Gumball Switch

Very Durable

The Toughest to Activate requiring 4 ounces of pressure

Moderately Priced at $52

Innovative Solutions

for the

Mobility Impaired

Custom Controllers

AbleNet Inc.

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Accessibility Switches

Accessibility Switches