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     As someone with a Physical Disability; which has confined me to a wheelchair and left me with limited strength in only my hands, feet, fingers, toes, and mouth; and a Gamer. I’ve found gaming a great way to feel free from my physical-self in those hours that I am playing games; as I run, jump, and take down baddies, or while kicking goals, hitting homers, or shooting hoops with friends.  Just as books, movies, and television can do, but with one key difference, you’re not just imagining it but

“You’re Really Feeling the Emotion”. You feel the anxiety of walking into a dark room waiting for a monster and the joy of ripping through its skull with your trusty chainsaw like in Gears of War. You feel the adrenaline of of throwing a 70 yard game winning touchdown against a friend in Madden Football. You feel the thrill of jumping from roof to roof silently taking out countless guards to save a prisoner only to feel the shock of being stabbed in the back by said prisoner like in Assassin's Creed.

Switch-Based Interfaces

     There are two types of accessible technology that can be used rather than the standard game controller, from Adapted Game Controllers to the advanced Switch-Based Game Control Interfaces, which convert all game controller functions into Accessible Switch Inputs and Repositionable Joysticks, making for an interface that can easily be configured for any gamer regardless of their specific range of motion, strength, or any other limitations.

Why We Game As Disabled Gamers?

Adapted Controllers


The Two Kinds of Adapted Control Systems for Gaming

Accessible Gaming

Accessible Gaming

Adapted Controllers

Switch-Based Game Control Interfaces

Reviewing Video Games for Switch-Based Game Control Interfaces

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