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     The Adroit controller features both toggle and turbo abilities, which imitates functions that might be more difficult to perform otherwise. The analog sticks are located in small mountable boxes to allow gamers to tailor their controller specifically for what is convenient for them.

     Switch-Based Game Control Interfaces convert all game controller functions into Inputs for Accessible Switch (easily activated buttons) and Joysticks (mini-repositionable joysticks), making an interface that could easily be configured for any gamer regardless of their specific range of motion, strength, or any other limitations that are custom made for your particular Game Switch Interface. The interface should have 17 switch inputs, 2 joystick inputs (plus 8 switch inputs that correspond to the 4 directions of each joystick; up, down, left, and right) that will control all the functions on a standard Xbox, Playstation, or Nintendo controller.

Versatility Gaming Controller V4

by Broadened Horizons

Versatility Controller

by Broadened Horizons

Adroit Switchblade 2

by Evil Controllers

Requires little to no arm, hand, or finger strength and dexterity  

Designed for those requiring acessibility switches

Offers Sip & Puff Functionality

Works straight out of the box but also can be easily remapped to suit any players ability

Manufacturer can programed it to control RC cars, boats, helicopters or airplanes

Features: Adjustable Joystick Sensitivity, Able to Flip Joysticks from Left to Right or Vertical / Horizontal Axis (mid-game), Adjustable Speed Rapid Fire, and Latch Mode (meaning button holds itself down)

• No Directional Inputs

  This is rectified through the

   purchase of an Adapter

The Cons

The Pros

Adroit Switchblade 2

by Evil Controllers

Adroit Switchblade 2

The Pros

• Rumble Box: Gives audio & vibration

   feedback for more immersive game play

• Two Joysticks

• Easy & Straight-Foward

• Fully Programable

• Xbox One & Playstation 4

  Compatible with Cronus Max

• Sip & Puff Functionality

What You Get for Just

• Adroit Switchblade 2 Box

• Two Thumbsticks

• A Rumble Box


Versatility Gaming Controller V4

Printable Diagrams

Version 3 (V3)

Version 4 (V4)

The Cons

                                                             After testing both the Versatility Controller V3 and Adroit

                                                         Switchblade, plus thoroughly researching the new Versatility

                                                         Controller V4. I really can only recommend the Versatility Controllers. Full discloser, I’ve owned the Versatility Controller V3 since 2012 and its worked great, though I had to get it repaired within the first year (free of change). Whereas I only tested the Adroit Switchblade for about a week.

     The most glaring difference between the two is their prices. The Adroit Switchblade which includes the Switch Interface, Two Repositionable Joysticks, and Two Rumble Boxes for just $399. While the Versatility Controller which includes the Versatility Switch Interface, One Repositionable Joystick & CronusMax Plus for $1254 (+ $245 for an extra Joystick).

     By just the cost and accessories alone, I assumed like you, the Adroit Switchblade would be the obvious choice. That was until I had a chance to test it out. Once I received the Adroit Switchblade, I noticed a Major Issue That Makes It Almost Unusable But For The Most Basic Games. This is Due to the Fact that, for some reason, the Adroit Switchblade has Only 11 Programmable Switch Inputs Whereas You Need 17 Inputs to Program All 17 Functions of a Xbox or Playstation Controller. Making it Useless for Games Like Call of Duty, Assassins Creed, and Forza Racing. Also, the Adroit Switchblade is way to complicated by being both programmable & wireless unlike the Versatility Controllers which are as easy as Plug ’N Play.

The Verdict

Versatility Controllers

by Broadened Horizons

My Reasons


What You Will Get

• Versatility Controller v4

• Versatility Joystick

Ability Switch Joystick Adapter

Adaptor will convert the Joystick-Inputs into 5 Jacks for Switches

• Unsuitable for Serious Gamers

   17 Inputs are Needed to Control All of the

   Xbox Controller's Functions, but has only

   11 Inputs

• Beware of Website's Description of Products Abilities, which is Inaccurate

Switch-Based Game Control Interfaces

Switch-Based Game Control Interfaces

to Play on a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One You'll Need a

Game Switch Interfaces are Designed for PlayStation 2 or Xbox 360

Cross-Over Gaming Controller Adapter

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